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Community-Based Advocacy

NURHI compiled a list of community groups and leaders, with the assistance of ACGs and advocacy partners.  In 2012, NURHI supported the ACGs in each of the four initial cities (Abuja, Kaduna, Ibadan, Ilorin) to organize a one-day meeting of leaders from up to 25 community groups in each LGA.  During these meetings, ACGs discussed family planning and its link to development, corrected misconceptions about family planning and made appointments to attend meetings of individual community groups.

Following these initial meetings, ACGs have conducted one-day training sessions for several community groups.  The focus is on providing correct information about family planning and its benefits during question and answer sessions and teaching group members to discuss family planning with others.  The ACGs involve NURHI Social Mobilizers in these sessions so they can refer interested members to family planning services.  

As of June 2014, NURHI has identified and trained approximately 680 community based leaders with the purpose of building support for Family Planning use and to promote community-based advocacy for family planning use by addressing health concerns and the fear of side effects.